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We target stroke patients, clinicians, and health providers to address the need for effective and affordable rehabilitation due to the increase in stroke incidence.

Education Neurorehab is an initiative to promote education and enhance and exchange knowledge about stroke, neurorehabilitation solutions, and connect patients, carers, healthcare experts and the public.

Why do we get a stroke?

Stroke is caused by a loss of brain function due to the interruption of blood flow to the brain. Stroke may be the result of an ischemic stroke (a blood clot) or a hemorrhagic stroke (the rupture of a blood vessel and bleeding into or around the brain).

Rehabilitation and training

The injury to the brain caused by a stroke may lead to widespread and long-lasting problem but recovery is possible with adequate and effective rehabilitation solutions.

Recovering after Stoke

50 years ago it was believed that recovery from stroke was not possible. Today we know that helping stroke survivors to take charge of their own recovery they can get better. 

There is a life after stroke

Stroke recovery is a process that involves making changes in the physical, social and emotional aspects of one’s life. 

What patients and experts say:

Providing efficient rehabilitation methods can help patients to recover faster 


Occupational therapist

Understanding fatigue will help to provide better prognosis for stroke patients.

per ghatan 


My family and my friends supported me during my journey to recovery.

Kate Sorly 

Stroke survivor

Virtual Reality training helped me to recover my arm function in a simple and unconscious way

MAria from Barcelona

Stroke survivor

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VR systems if purposefully realized for neurorehabilitation are valuable and valid tools to deliver effective functional rehabilitation post-stroke.

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